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Hay in simple terms is grass this is cut, dried and baled whilst at its most nutritive country for use as animal meals. Today you’re able to shop for hay bales on line thanks to Paramount hay. Here within the United States there has usually been hay for sale close to me. However, it changed into hard for the ones in need of quite a few bales to get get admission to to this animal feed. So we began a own family business by way of appearing like a dealer connecting consumers to farmers. But then we realized no longer all the farmers had been definitely generating very nutritive hay as required. Thus we took upon ourselves to grow to be the high-quality producers and providers of hay bales. This pass has all the time been the proper technique to all of the troubles our customers had. So, they now experience the maximum nutritive bales of hay for sale from our 25 years of enjoy.

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Where To Buy Hay Bales Near Me

We are primary producers of nutritive hay right for each huge and small grazing animals raised as farm animals. That is horses, goats, sheep, rabbits, guinea pigs etc. We produce the subsequent: Timothy hay, Alfalfa hay, Forage hay, Bermuda hay, Oat hay and Orchard hay. So, you can buy hay appropriate for your wishes. Most at instances, many will look for ” in which to shop for hay bales near me ” . This is to keep away from ready time and may be to peer exceptional earlier than doing commercial enterprise. But these days, our employer solves the hassle of where to buy hay bales as we have our very own vans and drivers that supply your order inside the U.S.A , with none delays and shipping worldwide. Also we are not longer a few type of center guys. We are specialists in manufacturing and in fact invest plenty to bring out the first-rate bales of horse hay on the market close to me.


About Paramount Bales of Hay for Sale

As already mentioned above, we are a family (The Paramount Family) in the business of producing and supplying hay in and out of the USA. Our goal is to produce the most nutritive hay and bring it to your door steps so that your animals can enjoy. We use advance farming techniques to make sure our hay has more leaves with few or nor coarse stems and seeds in each bale. Also, our preservative methods makes our hay to have less or no mold or dust. Our bales generally have a bright green color with a sweet and fresh smell. We also have special techniques to avoid poisonous plants mixed in the bales.

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One of the best suppliers of hay / straw in the United States. We have been using hay from this suppler for many years. The quality and the services is fabulous ! The proof is in the pudding ! My horses look amazing.


I have had hay delivered from these guys for a good 7 years now. And have never been left without hay. They go above and beyond to make sure you have what you need and when you need it. I cannot recommend a better supplier. The hay is great and the guys are lovely too.

Ben Dunne

This is an amazing family run farm, they are a lovely reliable family business. We have used them for hay for as long as I can remembe, great quality produce and a great service’


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‘’Our hay picks satisfy many breeders with whom we have been working for numerous years. Like them, rediscover the pride and great of these forages and convey excellence to the coronary heart of your farms’’